Daniel Hoflund


Daniel Hoflund is a visual artist that mainly works in a conceptual tradition with photography, video and installation. Fundamental subjects and ideas of interest concern anti-mimesis, hyperreality and worlds of images that depict and further on construct our conception of the world. By reconstructing, intertwining and altering pre-existing material, his line of work questions various aspects of time, space, representation and perception.

The imagery of Hoflund explores the relationship between story and history by blurring the borderlines of fiction and documentary. His work investigates historical locations, popular sights, objects, events – and the ways they are presented today – by mixing public and personal memory with a dissolving notion of past, present and future. By returning to and adapting historical material – generally found in art history and popular culture – appropriation and the derivative is central as artistic method.

The composite and fragmental line of images by Daniel Hoflund enables us to reform our idea of history. We are moving within a nonlinear space and time. By doing so, we can understand and create new meanings from our past. This type of reconnection and presentation of another story describes our relation to history and how it is continuously shaped.